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Famous Singer Justin Bieber
Full Name:- Justin Drew Bieber.
Residence:- London, Ontario, Canada.
Occupation:- Singer, Songwriter.
years active:- 2007 to present.
Date of birth:- March 1, 1994.
Nationality:- Canadian.
Parents:- Father (Jeremy Jack Bieber) Mother (Patricia Mallette).

Justin bieber was born in 1994, on a March 1st in Stratford Ontario and let’s take a look at a few photos of Justin in his early years at 12 years old. Justin entered a local singing competition called Stratford Idol and it was clear to see that he was a natural-born performer.

On January 15th 2007 Justin and his mom created a YouTube account called the kid roll and on this account it basically featured. Justin singing various songs and this would lead to his discovery so we all know that scooter run did discover. Justin on YouTube but how did it all go down I was consulting for a con on a different artist and I was watching youtube videos of that artist. Telling him what what I thought of it and they were seeing a repo Franklin respect so in related videos.

There was a key in the distance with a little tiny thing and I thought it was the same person when I clicked on it was a 12 year old kid so with an accident it was an accident stumbled upon it and Mike got one crazy and I watched another video and watch another video. Alright now here’s the video that really caught scooter Braun’s attention it was Justin singing “Neos so sick”.

Now in 2008 Scooter Braun introduced Justin to usher an officer would later become Justin’s mentor now here is that very epic meeting we’re Justin sings you got it bad by Usher to Usher was it. Justin Timberlake also interested in meeting Justin Bieber yeah there’s a video of the meeting and you can also see Jessica Biel in it want to see what one of Justin’s first girlfriends looked like while her name was Caitlyn Beatles and they met when Justin moved over to Atlanta and started working with scooter and basically they took a lot of photos together yes after signing to Island Def Jam.

Justin released his very first single one time in June 2009 in the video you can see him throw in a house party at Usher’s house and it also includes his “BFF Ryan Butler” remember the first time that you saw. Justin Bieber appear on Ellen I do it was in November of 2009 look how young hila on November 17 2009. Justin released my world and pretty much every preteen girl in the world died it was a huge open basically and this album also included one less lonely girl which Justin still sings to one lucky fan at each of his shows.

Justin blew up in February 2010 when he released the music video for baby it was filmed at Universal CityWalk in LA and you might not know this but Drake Tinashe and little twist all make appearances. with over a billion views it is the second most viewed video ever next to Gangnam style that combined it was like a remix I did Gangnam style dance while singing baby on March 23rd 2010 my world 2.0 was debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 now that. Justin had fans all over the world they finally got a chance to see him live on his world tour he played a hundred and twenty seven shows in just over a year holy shit that’s a lot of shows although they met back in 2009. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted vacationing together in st. Lucia in 2011 and boom. Jelena was born hashtag Julian in February 2011 the 3d movie never say never came out and this was basically a documentary that followed those moments leading up to Justin’s sold-out show at Madison Square. Garden and yours truly Vanessa actually appeared in this movie is that right yes it’s really the world was never the same after Justin decided to cut his famous hair go take a look at this clip.

On June 15 2012 the belief album was released and included some huge hit big including “boyfriend” as long as you love me “beauty” and a beat and all around the world. in 2013 created the Bieber banner fans are creating a human banner now during Justin’s bad-boy phase in 2014 he was arrested in Miami for suspicion of DUI resisting drag racing now we all saw those videos.

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